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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Washington Wizards Edition

1. In March, John Wall averaged 22.4 points, 7.9 assists, 4.8 rebounds and 1.9 steals. Can John sustain that level of play? Or has he hit the preverbial "Wall"?
A -- I believe that he can, but maybe not this year. Still grow

2. I needed an excuse to post that Simpsons song, so tell me if you like the Porter pick.
A -- Ask me again in 3 years.

3. YOU BETTER CZECH YOURSELF, BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF: Would you label Jan Vesely, the 6th pick in the 2011 draft, a bust?
A -- ... Like this time frame. So far he has been. Shown flashes, but who hasn't? Show me something this year!

4. Al Buckets, Emekafor, Nene, Trevariza: Which veteran will have a great comeback year?
A -- Nene, sort of by default. He's a very solid player, and has played well when he's been on the court.. but can he remain healthy?

5. The Washington Wizards will make the playoffs this season.
A -- True!


That's it! That was our last ISH FIVE QUESTION team preview thread.
Post an Image or Gif expressing how YOU feel about this.

I am not happy about it. Let's do the D league!
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