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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Utah Jazz Edition


PG - One Burke/Lucas The Third/McNeal
SG - Two Burks/Rush
SF - Hayward/Jefferson/Williams/Evans
PF - Favors
C - Kanter/Biedrins/Gobert

Head Coach - Tyrone Corbin
General Manager - Dennis Lindsey

1. Jazz take on expiring contracts of Biedrins, Jefferson, and Rush for 2 first rounders and 3 second rounders. Should the Jazz have done more with their tremendous cap space?
What else was available? It does seem like a lot to pay for a couple of 2nd round picks. Its not like it hamstrung them, since they are expiring contracts. And, would you rather they throw money at monta ellis? It was relatively smart to stand pat.

2. TRUE or FALSE: In the tradition of John Stockton and Deron Williams, Trey Burke will develop into another great Jazz Point Guard.
He will be a decent pg, but not on either of those levels IMO.

3. Alec Burks, Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter: Which of these players has the most untapped potential?
Huh, probably Kanter.

4. "HE'S ON THE JAZZ, MAN! HE'S ON THE JAZZ.": Which "Warrior" will most take advantage of this new opportunity. Andris Biedrins, Richard Jefferson, or Brandon Rush?
TRIVIA: What tv show is that quote from?
Probably rush.

5. TRUE or FALSE: Burke, Burks, Hayward, Favors, Kanter: If Jazz keep this fivesome together, eventually they will develop into a Championship contending unit.

Jazz? This ain't New Orleans! Let's get something with more local flavor. Solve the Puzzle!!!
Yeah, yeah, yeah....we did this already with Grizzlies. Just answer.

The Jazz is fine. It makes more sense than the lakers and I dont see people crowing them about it. SLC is actually a pretty hip little city.

But, if I must,
the Utah Salt Flats!
the Utah Bishops!
the Utah Bees (beehive state)
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