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Default Re: How To Get Seperation

This is pretty much all covered, but I'll also add the info I give to the kids I coach. There's two ways to get open: Change of pace ... and Change of direction.

One of the things I try to teach is that perpetual motion type player, while super when it's going, isn't realistically sustainable. Even over the course of my lifetime, I'm talking 3-5 players at the NBA level that really pulled it off. Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Rip Hamilton. Maybe JJ Reddick, in a more limited role.

Going from 0 to 20 in a second is actually more effective than going 10 - 25 over that same second. Use your physicality. If a guy is that much quicker than you, chances are you're stronger. If that's the case, stand still, lean on him, and bounce off from there.
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