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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

george has also been arrested a couple times for speeding after the verdict came out. IIRC the last one was for doing 60mph in a 45 zone a week or two ago, after the factory photo incident.

apparently he had also been accused of profiling about five other youths at the gated community before shooting the last one... and that was after having the job a mere two months at that point. i mean, yow.

when that divorce notice was in the news last week, shellie said that they had to hole up in some backwoods area for a year and a half, worried that they might be attacked every night. IMO there's not a lot of women who can deal with that constant level stress, and it's not like it ever ended, either. divorce was pretty much a no-brainer IMO.

also, apparently when her conviction came down for perjury a couple weeks ago, george was not present. kinda sucks to support your husband all the way in his trial, lie on behalf of him, be put on probation for a year, get a criminal record... and then he's not around for you when you need him.
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