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Default Re: Top PG Emmanuel Mudiay commits to SMU

Originally Posted by Bless Mathews
I don't know what you saw. Everything I've seen shows me he will be great. Great handles. Great court awareness good passes

Even got post up game. No match for smaller pgs.

Sure in an organized "street ball" game where he caught fire in the second half. Unless you are also talking about the EYBL, which I didn't see a ton of posting up from him. Although when I was there, I only caught glimpses of his games. Was paying more attentions the UNC recruits and targets.

When I did watch him, he actually had trouble finishing around the rim. I heard that's not a problem of his so it was probably an unlucky viewing. He doesn't operation much in that 10-15 foot area (like most high schoolers) and a lot of his missed shots were forced (also like most high school players). Perhaps a product of an untalented team? As for the 3pt percentage, I just don't think he's a shooter. It looks like he has some mechanical issues, but nothing that can't be fixed in college and the NBA. He has a good handle, just doesn't make the greatest decisions. Which makes the Larry Brown decision a smart one because if Larry Brown is still Larry Brown, he will tear Mudiay apart mentally and build him back in the one year. I actually think it would be in Mudiay's best interest to stay 2-3 years, but we all know that won't happen.

However, he's very talented and like I said, it wouldn't shock me if he ends up the best pro PG from this class. Which is high praise because Tyus Jones is one of the most polished offensive PGs I have ever seen at the high school level. Most of Mudiay's problems are problems most high school players have.
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