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Default Re: Top PG Emmanuel Mudiay commits to SMU


That's the part that makes me wonder a little.

I'm guessing that's 38% from the floor, 15% from 3, 69% from the FT line.

And if he played 13 games, then that's not a statistically insignificant sample size for HS or college. You're talking a third to a half of a season.

69% is passable. You could reasonably expect to be over 75% with some extra work, focus, and just physical maturity. I would think he gets to the stripe pretty regularly given his size and the seemingly physical style he plays.

15% is really not good. Especially for a guard as big as him. Sometimes you see the smallish HS PGs not shoot great from deep, usually due to strength issues, but Mudiay is put together. It may be an indicator of decision making issues as well.

And that's particularly true combined with the 38% from the field. That number isn't totally out of wack. Again, particularly with the smallish type tempo PGs. But that's not good for a PG as big and physical as Mudiay appears to be. Does it reflect an issue with the jumper in general? I don't know. I know he was hot when I saw him, but it also didn't appear the shot had any real issues, other than perhaps a tendency to drift a bit. But he also took a lot off the bounce, not really catch and shoot.
To me, I'd guess the low FG% is particularly affected by a guy not being a particularly good 3Pt shooter, but he takes a lot of them, dragging the overall shooting percentage down, because frankly I just don't see how a guy that big, and being a mismatch size wise against most opponents, is not putting up a good 2Pt percentage.
So is he taking a bunch of ill advised 3s.

Of course none of this has much context. How good is his supporting cast? Is he forced to shoot more than even he would like? What sort of opposing teams is he facing?
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