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Default Re: UFC 164: Henderson Vs. Pettis

awesome fight card...

i wanted guida to win. i think he can win vs aldo . i dont know if an impromved mendez can beat aldo in a slugfest... i dont think so . i maybe wrong

the stoppage on frank mir looked premature because it was stopped early if not mir would have been on the floor for more than 10 mins.. we dont need that.. watch it again on slow motion. when the ref stepped in and mir was about to get up his right leg showed that he is still hurt. the ref got in the way even before barnett can land a punch after Mir dropped.

and pettis was landing some insane kicks you can see it in bendo's face..

and its a great win for my idol :) pettis! even though he would be better at 145... he proved that the win over bendo the first time wasnt a fluke.
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