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Default Re: UFC 164: Henderson Vs. Pettis

"I dropped down because I knew I was in a bad position. I even redug for the underhook"

really bro? i guess falling in a heap is a new strategy. he also said he was going for a single leg, lol. he was also talking about cardio as if barnett hasn't been in some long wars himself.

might have been a slightly early stoppage but he was still in trouble regardless. barnett's wrist/arm control on him that whole round was crazy. he was slowly getting dismantled. that's been my biggest criticism of mir forever. he's great on the ground but he's not good at grappling. he doesn't really take offensive control of taking a guy to the ground and he doesn't dictate fights. his clinch game is severely lacking.

i so wouldn't mind a werdum vs. barnett fight but i understand if werdum gets the next title shot after JDS/cain. let's just do war master vs. browne and mir vs. overeem.

vera has to be one of the most frustrating fighters in recent history. so much potential there, but can't finish. not sure if comes down to motivation or what, but it seems like he'll always hover around top 10 and not do much of anything.

oh and war pettis!

anyway, definitely an awesome card. much better than ufc 163. liked mendes' fight as well and i'm not a fan of guida so it was nice seeing him get KO'd for the first time. mendes actually looked like he was starting to get gassed though so he should probably take it easy in the weight room. still can't envision him as champ...he's just not dynamic either but he can challenge.

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