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Default Re: Top PG Emmanuel Mudiay commits to SMU

I got my first look at Mudiay during the Under Armor Elite game in Brooklyn at ESPN the other day. In fact, I watched it twice last week. It was a pretty compelling game by all-star game standards.

I have to say I was really impressed by Mudiay. He may not be an elite elite athlete, but he's a big kid, with great instincts, who's really willing to use his size. He played a ton in the mid post, really read the defense seeing over people on the top PnR. I had no idea he was that highly regarded. He apparently announce SMU at halftime, and my first instinct was to wonder how he was that under the radar, only later to find out that he wasn't, it was just a steal by Larry Brown and SMU (I also wasn't aware until after the fact that he was from Texas, which makes the choice more logical). I guess the only real concern is if that shot is real. From what I read there's some streakiness in that jumper, and when I saw him it was flowing. When a big guard is shooting well, he's a nearly impossible guard, but if he's off, I wonder how effective he'll be. But his instinct to use his size I think will offset whatever disadvantage that may cause.
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