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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Brooklyn Nets Edition

Originally Posted by Nets fan 93
I mean he's a very knowledgable poster but he worries more about the nets than his own team I feel like
No, i fight with the Knick fans. It's more contained and hasn't been as bad but it will come. Wait until they want the coach fired and Melo traded this year if you want to see me go off. As Wilds09 here, me and him are lock step in our opinions on the Knicks.

If you wanted to see me fight with the Knick fans, when we let Lin go and they were saying they'd never cheer for the Knicks again and we should have let Melo go and kept him. I wasn't in agreement. Or me and Bagel fighting endlessly that the Knicks shouldn't give up Mozgov and let it torpedo the Melo trade.
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