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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Brooklyn Nets Edition

Originally Posted by niko
I think Gigantes agrees with me but not most other Net fans, for being all in, I'm not sure this is the best the Nets could do. They had a GM, they told him that he could trade every pick forever, pick up as much salary as they could forever, nothing was off the table. The Knicks put themselves in a similar spot actually.

The problem the Nets will run into if this all in doesn't work is historically title winning teams have that one or two good young guys (Miami being the exception) that blossom and turn very good to title winning. The Nets won't have those guys because those guys need to be drafted.
yep, mostly agree.

i do think that the nets field a very good team and have a reasonable plan, just that i can't push it any further than that. they're not quite what i'd think of as a champion-caliber team, although i'd love to be wrong. it's not a *great* plan to me because of all the risks involved.

so that's it, basically. i always try to make expectations match reality. not trying to put the team down or anything. but what makes me uneasy is when too many people onboard expect too much. not because i want conformity, but because it makes enjoying the team online, posting in game threads, analysing events that much more difficult. like riding a bus full of manic-depressives.

having said that, the nets do have some talented young assets to develop. the loss of picks is not going to hurt as much as some people think, particularly since those picks weren't going to be great, anyway. also because brooklyn has quickly become a premium destination. i mean, cap issues aside, prokhy is willing to pay insane amounts of money to squeeze players in any way possible. he's a players' dream. he makes them feel well-paid and valued even when they're only getting the minimum.

picks or no picks, star vets busting out or not, brooklyn is pretty much guaranteed to field very good teams as long as prokhy is in charge. maybe one of them will get hot at the right time and ride it to a trophy. we'll see...
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