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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Cleveland Cavaliers Edition

1. TRUE or FALSE: With the young talent base already on the team, the Cavaliers have the nucleus of a future championship contender.

False. Out of all the young players on the Cavs, the only one we know is a keeper at this point is Kyrie. Cleveland should know better than anyone that one guy isn't enough to get it done.

2. TRUE or FALSE: The Cavaliers should trade Anderson Verajao for younger talents/draft picks.

True. Verajao can't be apart of the long term future there, so they might as well get an asset for him while they can.

3. CONSPIRACY TRUE or FALSE: Mike Brown was predominantly rehired to help recruit Lebron James.

False. Not entirely sure getting Mike Brown back actually helps or hurts get LeBron back. In 2010 LeBron could've stuck by Mike Brown, but he was silent while the Cavs fired him. I think this was the case of the owner liking the guy and seeing that Cavs needed a better defensive direction more than anything to do with LeBron.

4. TRUE or FALSE: Picking Anthony Bennett first overall was a mistake.

False. I can't say true without having seen Bennett play an NBA game. Although if this time next year we're all saying the Cavs should've taken Nerlens Noel or Victor Oladipo I won't be surprised.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Cleveland Cavaliers will make the playoffs this season.

True. I think they've got enough to be a 6-8 seed. They are motivated to do so in a year where not many teams are, so I think you have to go with true as long as Kyrie Irving is healthy.


BONUS 1. TRUE or FALSE: Bynum, Verajao, Thompson, Bennett, Clark, Zeller: If healthy, this is the deepest frontcourt in the league.

True. Not the most talented, but that's six guys that are NBA players if healthy. Not sure any other team can say they've got that up front.

BONUS 2. TRUE or FALSE: Dion Waiters will develop into a legit 2nd option.

False. Dion Waiters' destiny is as a sixth man. More likely to have Jason Terry's career than Dwyane Wade's.
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