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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Denver Nuggets Edition

1. Biggest Loss : Andre Iguodala, George Karl, or Masai Ujiri?

I'm going to say Ujiri. He's so young that you would've thought this was the kind of guy a team would want around for 20 years. Karl and Iggy have seen the majority of their careers already. Masai Ujiri looks to be one of the better GMs in the league for a long time.

2. Who is the best player on the Denver Nuggets?

Ty Lawson. He's their guy now, completely. Faried, McGee and Gallinari are all nice players and maybe all-stars someday, but that's now Lawson's team.

3. A question from Dr. Seuss: Javale MCGEE is now FREE! You'll SEE how good he'll BE!!! He'll have a scoring SPREE, play some great DEE, and surprise both you and ME!!! AGREE?

Considering George Karl gave McGee the only run in his career where he wasn't a borderline laughingstock, I'm saying disagree.

4. (A) The Nuggets should trade a Power Forward for a Shooting Guard, or (B) The Nuggets answer to Shooting Guard is on the roster already.

Going will B. The problem is that there's not really that many great shooting guards out there. The kid Fournier showed enough last year to get some minutes at the two and I think Wilson Chandler can easily slide over as well.

5. Soooooooo.......How can the Nuggets get to the next level?

Ty Lawson and at least one of Gallinari, Faried or McGee need to become all-stars or at least near that conversation. The main reason the got knocked out in the first round last season was because Golden State had a superstar and Denver didn't.
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