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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Brooklyn Nets Edition

1. Nets trade for KG, Pierce, and Terry. Brilliant trade or Skeptical?

Brilliant because Prokhrov doesn't care about spending. The Nets were already a win-now team anyway. Its not like they would've been looking to clear cap and hoard draft picks in the next 3 to 5 years anyway. They've purchased a shot at a title, however small it might be, it's still a shot.

2. Which Brooklyn Nets player do you consider the "X Factor" for this seasons success?

Brook Lopez. They will certainly need him to be huge to get past Miami, Chicago and/or Indy. If Lopez isn't dominant offensively I'm not sure much else matters.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Jason Kidd was a smart hire as Head Coach.

False. I just can't imagine it ever being a good thing for any first year coach with zero previous coaching experience to start with a championship or bust season.

4. Chemistry, Defense, or Health: Which of these 3 will be the biggest challenge for the Nets?

Health is always #1. They have enough talent to overcome hiccups with chemistry or defense. With several older players at key positions, health is definitely the issue to watch for.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Brooklyn Nets will make the Eastern Conference Finals this season.

False. I think they'll be in the second round, but Miami, Chicago and Indy should all be better. I'm just hoping we get a 4 vs 5 match up with New York in the first round.
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