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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Brooklyn Nets Edition

Originally Posted by The JKidd Kid
Ill give you that. I actually think they had plans, but couldn't go through with the plan fully. The JJ move was desperate, but it had to be done since the magic were being stubborn. The Kidd hire, IMO, was to help change the Nets losing culture into a winning one, they probably didnt know that they would Get KG and Peirce so they signed Kidd because he had the highest risk/reward. The Kidd hire was a bad move in hindsight, but it was a good move at the time. I think that the Nets are just taking the best options possible, such as JJ for spare parts and KG and Pierce for low draft picks. The Nets however, put a damn good team on the floor for not having a plan.
I think Gigantes agrees with me but not most other Net fans, for being all in, I'm not sure this is the best the Nets could do. They had a GM, they told him that he could trade every pick forever, pick up as much salary as they could forever, nothing was off the table. The Knicks put themselves in a similar spot actually.

The problem the Nets will run into if this all in doesn't work is historically title winning teams have that one or two good young guys (Miami being the exception) that blossom and turn very good to title winning. The Nets won't have those guys because those guys need to be drafted.
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