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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Brooklyn Nets Edition

Originally Posted by Nets fan 93
Alright niko. You're a fan of the Knicks, correct? What exactly is their plan? Trading a future 1st round/2nd round pick for a player who was thought to be untradable? Signing metta world peace? Isn't JR Smith bad enough to have? Two crazies on the same team? Who do they have to help Melo win? Is a sixth man that worries more about Rihanna than the playoffs their thought? Is Tyson Chandler their thought? Felton? Get the man a damn robin already. The nets made an effort. If you have an option to improve your team while getting rid of two pretty blah contracts, you're gonna do it, Jason has never coached so running coulda been an option but hey he's played in many different systems so I'm sure he can adjust his book a little.
The Knicks plan is to build around Carmelo with shooters and good ball movement (2 pg) and then in 2 years to reset. Their coach is in on it too. Is it a title winning plan? Doesn't look like it. The Knicks in their history have barely ever had a good plan.

Look at the Pacers, how they build. Miami who puts shooters around Lebron. SA. Looking at the Knicks who have a crappy plan doesn't mean the Nets have a plan.

Net fans always say "what about the Knicks?" What about us? If your goal is to just be better than the Knicks? Lofty goal.

Tell me the Nets plan. WIN A TITLE is not a plan, it's a goal. Tell me their plan.
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