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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Denver Nuggets Edition

1. Biggest Loss : Andre Iguodala, George Karl, or Masai Ujiri?

Brian Shaw will be a fine coach for that team. So I'm going to pick Andre Iguodala. He brings many winning factors to the team including explosiveness on the fastbreak and his solid perimeter D, fights for rebounds, still pretty young, too much upside.

2. Who is the best player on the Denver Nuggets ?

Probably Ty Lawson in that they are weak at the guard spot cuz lets face it Andre Miller doesn't have much left in the tank at this point in his career. Lawson has a tendency to be inconsistent, yes, and can turn the ball over yeah yeah but he still brings you lots of room to work inside with McGee and Faried.

3. A question from Dr. Seuss: Javale MCGEE is now FREE! You'll SEE how good he'll BE!!! He'll have a scoring SPREE, play some great DEE, and surprise both you and ME!!! AGREE?

I don't know about spree but if they can get him open looks down low McGee should convert for 10 or 15 "easy bucket" points a night if Ty Lawson is on his game. And on the defensive end Im sure McGee will have some awesome blocks. He always does. That's about it. No Noah or Roy Hibbert type stuff. By that I mean those 2 bring it night in night out and theyll eat the glass up in rebounds.
4. (A) The Nuggets should trade a Power Forward for a Shooting Guard, or (B) The Nuggets answer to Shooting Guard is on the roster already.

A. Absolutely. Anyone but Faried is up for grabs if they can get a decent guard. If this team meets an all around defensive juggernaut like Memphis or a great passing/reading/ball handling club like San Antonio in the playoffs with the sg slot they have now they are swept.

5. Soooooooo.......How can the Nuggets get to the next level?[/b]

Need an athletic guard who can run the floor and finish and play d. Iguodala leaves a big hole in their defense because Gallinari is a liability if they go up against any team that's proven in the post. Wilson Chandler got the bum deal this season. He is gonna be saddled with a tough task having to cover all the amazing shooters in the West. Need a better back up center than Mozgov. That's the 2nd most glaring weakness on this team cuz who hasn't seen both these players visibly show a lack of effort on protecting the paint or at least fighting for rebounds consistently? Some nights some guys don't have it.


POWER RANK!!: Arthur, Faried, Hickson, McGee, Mozgov, Randolph

In order don't have time to elaborate but it would be easy to answer if Javale could ever take it to that next level and play like an animal night in night out, but that's a hypothetical so... Faried, McGee, Randolph, Hickson, Arthur Mozgov.

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