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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Denver Nuggets Edition

1. Biggest Loss : Andre Iguodala, George Karl, or Masai Ujiri?

George Karl, i thought he was a great coach.

2. Who is the best player on the Denver Nuggets?

Ty Lawson, kinda sucks for them.

3. A question from Dr. Seuss: Javale MCGEE is now FREE! You'll SEE how good he'll BE!!! He'll have a scoring SPREE, play some great DEE, and surprise both you and ME!!! AGREE?

Disagree, he is what he is. Wont ever be able to take the pressure, he needs to just play instinctually cos he tries to think and it hurts everyone elses brain.

4. (A) The Nuggets should trade a Power Forward for a Shooting Guard, or (B) The Nuggets answer to Shooting Guard is on the roster already.

Fournier looks promising.

5. Soooooooo.......How can the Nuggets get to the next level?


EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT: (JimmyMcAdocious and Dr. CheeseSteak are ineligible)

POWER RANK!!: Arthur, Faried, Hickson, McGee, Mozgov, Randolph

wow, freaking randolph has the highest potential bar Mcgee and is certainly last.
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