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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Charlotte Bobcats Edition

[b]1. TRUE or FALSE: The Charlotte Bobcats are finally on the right track.

True. They've gone with the safe pick in 3 consecutive drafts and their picks all have the same key characteristic: Heart. Kemba, MKG, & Zeller are a good foundation for the future to establish a culture there in Charlotte that currently doesn't exist. They have to keep losing to put themselves in position for a true Franchise player, but they are beginning to have the pieces to start winning immediately once they find that guy. The good thing in 2014 is they won't totally be a loser in the Lottery room if they don't get the #1 pick for Wiggins. I actually see them taking Marcus Smart because he fits that team and has a lead dog personality.

2. TRUE or FALSE: Al Jefferson will step up this season and play like a legitimate franchise player.

False. He put an option on that 3rd year for a reason and that's to get out of there and on a winner after he goes through 2 more quiet 18-10 seasons down in Charlotte. I actually don't even think he plays a 2nd season in Charlotte, maybe not even a full season. They signed him to show their small, apathetic fanbase they can get a good player to come down there but once the losing kicks in they'll find a team who will jump to take on that deal and give them a few assets to keep tanking.

3. TRUE or FALSE: In the tradition of Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison, Cody Zeller will be yet another MJ draft bust.

False. I don't think Zeller is going to be a star but I can see him starting for a decade in this league as a reliable 4th option. The good thing is that they don't seem to expect too much out of him, its almost like they grabbed him at 24 rather than 4. He'll come in and fight for the starting job, win it, and I don't think he loses it in the near future.

4. Biyombo, Henderson, Kidd-Gilchrist, Taylor, Walker, Zeller: Which of these players should be considered the most "Untouchable"?

Kemba. He's the only player who really stepped their game up to the point that you can say they're the guy who will win you a game, the few times you do win. They say PG's make a jump in their 3rd year so the evolution of his game next year is something to keep an eye on.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Bobcats have a realistic chance of making the playoffs this season.

False. They're a bad team because they're so young and inexperienced with no culture whatsoever in place with 3 coaching changes in 3 years.
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