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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Chicago Bulls Edition

1. TRUE or FALSE: Joakim Noah is more important to the Bulls success than Derrick Rose.

I think it depends on how you define success for the Bulls. As we saw, Noah can lead them to a top 4ish spot in the east and some success through defense and rebounding but they flat out can't contend without Rose. The Bulls have a big advantage in the regular season with their tight defense and focused effort thanks to Thib but that advantage shrinks in the playoffs. They need a guy like Rose who can create easy shots in the playoffs. The Bulls were basically just a good defensive team who shot a lot of jumpers last year.

2. TRUE or FALSE: Jimmy Butler is THAT good.

I'm a big fan of his mostly because of his history of self improvemnt. As an underclassman at Marquette I like him much but he really recreated himself as a player by his senior year. That improvement has continued in the NBA. I think he will be an important piece for winning games but never an all-star.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Despite Thibodeau's defensive genius, Bulls need to improve their offensive creativity.

I think this is true. Rose will boost their offensive versatility by simply playing but they could certainly benefit from a more creative mindset. I would look to involve Noah more offensive because he is such a good passer out of the post.

4. AGREE or DISAGREE: More Taj Gibson, Less Carlos Boozer.

Disagree. I think Gibson should play more based on time and situation but the Bulls need Boozer's more gifted offensive skill set on the court. Gibson is in the role that he is best fit for already.

5. The one "X Factor" that can catapult the Bulls over the top East competitors is:

I think it is probably Marquis Teague simply because he is an unknown quantity. If he takes a leap in his development and becomes a back-up PG that can play aggressive enough to pressure the defense, then I think the Bulls are a much more dangerous team. The Bulls need to be able to score without Rose on the court.
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