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Default Re: Naming NBA players who stole a Finals MVP from their teammate

Originally Posted by 2010splash
Kobe stans are fuming right now. But keep in mind that these are simply facts. Kobe has shot-jacked his way to completely awful Finals performances pretty much every time save for 1 or 2 Finals.

In 2010 it was very arguable if Kobe was the Finals MVP. 40 FG% Finals MVP with a 6/24 Game 7? That is incredibly weak. Compare it to Finals MVPs like LeBron 2013 who finishes a team off with a monstrous 37/12/4 and the clutch game-sealing jump shot in Game 7. Very weak.

Comments like these told me you did not watch the game. It was a defensive game no one shot well and while he did not shoot well Kobe did have a ton of rebounds. Kobe average 10 more points then Gasol and averaged 3 less rebounds despite not being a big man. Kobe haters come up with the dumbest arguments.
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