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Default Re: Naming NBA players who stole a Finals MVP from their teammate

Originally Posted by MP.Trey
I'm in the very large minority that believes Ray Ray should have won that year.

Broke the NBA Finals record for threes made(at the time) with 22 while averaging 20.3/5.0/2.5 on 50/52/87 percentages.

Averaged more boards, more steals, more blocks, less turnovers than Pierce, and did a great job defending Bryant even though he wasn't the only one tasked with it, he was the most effective IMO. He even held Bryant scoreless for the entire first half of Game 4.

I can see your point and can like 90% agree with ya ... and granted that ray ray did perform extremely well in those finals, but ray ray got tee'd up VERY well for most of his shots ... it doesn't diminish the quality of his stats but the quality of play from the C's team (crisp passing, solid screens) got him those quality shots and that's probably what goes against ray ray, rightly or wrongly
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