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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Cleveland Cavaliers Edition

Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
Great post.

As the newest member of the Cavs bandwagon and a blatant Canada Basketball homer who is trading in my Steve Nash card for an Anthony Bennett card I couldn't agree more.

This kid is going to be good, he is talented, a natural leader and although people are concerned about his size (bit heavy, bit short) lets not forget he has dunk contest winnable hops (39" vert) and long arms (7'1" wingspan).

Also, he shoots the three well, handles the rock well, and has a knack for the game. He is a basketball player first and foremost, and I think that gets lost in the shuffle.

Another thing is he played the 2nd half of his college season hurt. He had a lot of games where he played sparingly. Had he chocked full minutes the whole season he'd have been nearing 20/10 territory.

And, rebounding (especially offensive) is a transferable NCAA to NBA stat and Bennett looks good here.

Most importantly though I think a lot of the talking heads let him slip a bit because he was hurt and not accessible. They need interviews and reports for content and when it is not there, they need to focus on what is. AB wasn't providing any content for the prognosticators up to draft day.

ROY in my opinion.

Very interesting, i dont doubt him.
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