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Default Re: 2013 FIBA Africa Championship

Originally Posted by Grinder
Yeah, I don't understand why they go with that format. They should just include more teams. These games have been intriguing to watch. There's so much raw talent and athleticism out there. With a little refining and better fundamentals, a lot of these guys could be very good role players. Guard play has traditionally been a major weakness in African basketball but it's really improving. Scouting from France and Spain has been a big contributor since they're routinely finding talent in Africa and developing them.

The level of play in this tournament is certainly higher than the Asian championships. Those teams have better fundamentals but wouldn't be able to compete with this athleticism and defense. Iran is probably the only Asian team that would win this competition.

Cameroon has a lot of good past NCAA players - Alfred Aboya (UCLA), Alexis Wangmene (Texas), Brice Vounang (San Diego) and Mbah A Moute from the Bucks. Mbah A Moute has been atrocious in this first half - 0 points and multiple turnovers.

Cameroon leads Congo 33-26 at the half.

Since the retirement of Yao, Africa has surpassed Asia and is no longer the weakest zone. The Olympic qualifying tournament proved that with the Asian teams going 0-4 and losing all 4 of their games by an average of 32.5 points and the African teams going 4-4 with one team actually advancing to the Olympics and winning an elimination game (and against Greece at that)
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