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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Chicago Bulls Edition

Originally Posted by MTing
1. TRUE or FALSE: Joakim Noah is more important to the Bulls success than Derrick Rose.
False. D-Rose is their MVP. While Joakim is a pretty important part of their team, D-Rose is the guy thats going to have the ball in his hands in the 4th quarter and making all the plays.

2. TRUE or FALSE: Jimmy Butler is THAT good.
False, I don't think he'll be an allstar or anything but he's the perfect role player. He stepped up big last season and hurt my Nets pretty bad in the playoffs. He'll be even better when Rose comes back and all the defense focuses on him.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Despite Thibodeau's defensive genius, Bulls need to improve their offensive creativity.
True, I think if they want to take the next step and beat Miami, they have to improve their offense.

4. AGREE or DISAGREE: More Taj Gibson, Less Carlos Boozer.
Disagree, unless Taj develops a consistent jumpshot like Boozer has, Boozer should stay starting and Taj should come off the bench for defensive matchups.

5. The one "X Factor" that can catapult the Bulls over the top East competitors is:
If Derrick Rose can find a way to score against LeBron James, the Bulls have a shot at the finals. Easier said then done though.

1. False. No way to really quantify, but I'm more confident in their chances with if they had Rose instead of Noah instead of vice-versa. They don't win a championship without either of them though.

2. True. Assuming THAT GOOD means starter on a championship team that can give the elite players fits defensively and is capable of having a 20-25 point game and hitting big shots. If its all-star then that remains to be seen.

3. True. Obvious.

4. Agree. With Rose back, I think Gibson is more valuable. Boozer usually is a letdown in the playoffs anyway.

5. Taj Gibson. If he can improve his offense and handle more minutes, and make Boozer more expendable in the process, it would be huge. We already know what we will get from Rose, Noah, Deng, and Boozer.
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