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Default Re: How great is our gawd?

Originally Posted by FiveRings
I disagree. Christians take calling Yahweh "Gawd" as a form of mockery, so why should it be any different for us members of Kobeanity?

Kobe's haters also call him "Gawdbe". They're doing it to mock him, trust me. Looks like there is no longer one single Kobeanity, and we are going to have to start breaking into different sects. Be warned though, the sect that chooses to use the mock spelling of our God's name will not be going to Heaven to spend enternity in the presence of Godbe. Are you really willing to risk spending eternity separated from our Lord, who so loved the world that he ruptured his achilles so that we could have everlasting life?

Gawdbe is not concerned with the afterlife. He is focused only on achieving his maximum potential in his own life time.

The based mamba is the hearts of all who believe in working harder then everyone else and stepping up when it matters most to reach their maximum self.
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