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Default Re: Who has Kareem Abdul Jabbar as the GOAT in basketball?

Originally Posted by Mass Debator
Aren't those what you should use to judge a player on the GOAT list? Or does charisma/marketability play a role?

I don't really care if people have Kareem GOAT or not. People don't think the same way to draw the same conclusions on their GOAT lists. You and I probably think marketability/charisma has not play or role (logically, anyways), but some have used it. Not saying it's right, but it can influence somebody's criteria.

My reasoning as to why Kareem is considered GOAT is going off how much people look at what Kareem accomplished/stands out the most... and that's his longevity and total career. Going into his peak play:

Originally Posted by Odinn
You sounded like peak and prime wise Kareem was not good enough to be called the goat and if your point was this, I disagree with it.

Yeah, my bad if I came off that way. Kareem's peak is as good as any player who's played the game.
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