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Default Re: Look at who was lebronīs favorite player one year before he was drafted

Kobe is content at being inferior to his favorite player. Lebron wants to surpass all and that is why he is on his way to being the GOAT.

Kobe is just a Jordan wanna be anyways.

Lets take a look at things Kobe copied Jordan from...

-His height, Kobe was 6'7 but changed it to 6'6 to copy Jordan
-His voice, it's obvious Kobe copied his voice to sound like Jordan since he sounded nothing like it in his early days. He watched tapes to emulate the "Jordan voice."
-Pathetic attempts at playing sick, Kobe always gets multiple sickness a year to get his own flu game that Jordan had, too bad Kobe isn't good enough to fake sick and play well.
-Celebration, check out how Kobe celebrated after winning a title, he jumped in the air copying Jordan some more.

Kobe has no problem being inferior to Jordan because he gets no where in life without him.,
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