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Default Re: Why is Wade one the best shot blockers....

Originally Posted by pmj
This is actually really accurate. It's funny when people complain about Lebron not fouling but don't watch him actively avoiding fouls, often to the point of him letting people score. It's actually kind of annoying as a Heat fan when you want him to play tougher man D.

Btw Wade when he wanted to be was a nasty man defender, his long arms really help with strips steals and blocks on 1v1s, just lazy or conditioning.
He's a good on ball defender if his man is a scorer.

Which is why he was the Heat's most consistent defender vs Paul George the last 2 years...

Where things can go pear shaped is if you try to stick him on a dude who only stands in the corner, he becomes disinterested in him and tries to make something happen where the ball is and can get burnt by a scrub. If a star gets 20 on Wade its gonna be 7/18, a "scrub" could go 5/9 from 3.
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