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Default Re: Kobe's deepest team myth 2008/09 & 2009/10

Originally Posted by rhythmic †hesis
guy; it's amusing to read your posts.
You always make good points but you also always find loopholes to praise a guy like Jordan and belittle Kobe. I mean, you're agenda driven; you could play the devils advocate for Kobe pretty well too. It's embedded in your brain to reply to threads that praise Kobe, and find faults in his game. At the same time, do the complete opposite for other players (like Jordan for instance). It doesn't make you a troll but it's hard for me to respect your opinion because you're clearly biased.

That's why I'm going to start staying out of these redundant conversations. It's the same crop of posters dissing Kobe; consistently changing criteria & circumstances in order to dismiss him as a great player. It's not just you who does it, but to your credit; at least you don't troll and bring forward great points. I just wish you were more neutral, I don't think I've ever seen you reply to trolls who consistently diss Kobe and shut them up. But you're very persistent on doing that to people who praise Kobe a lot.

The f*ck are you talking about? Yea I'm a Jordan fan, not a Kobe fan. Do you praise Jordan when people criticize him? Every post I've seen you make is about Kobe and/or trying to argue that he's closer to Jordan then he is. And even though I can admit I'm biased, I'm not inconsistent with Kobe. In this thread I haven't said Kobe's teams were so much better then everyone else's. In fact, I agreed it wasn't. The only criticism I had about this thread was your flawed logic by using total stats.
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