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Default Re: Kobe's deepest team myth 2008/09 & 2009/10

Originally Posted by havoc33
I'd like to point out that Jordan had a very rough series overall vs the Knicks in '93. If Pippen didn't step up and play some superb allround basketball, the Knicks win that series. Pippen was the MVP of that series, not Jordan.

Okay, thats one series against them. One series where he also had two of the best games of his career, including one of the greatest performances in playoff history, both which resulted in wins. Pippen was the MVP and Jordan did overall have a bad series. But good chance Pippen isn't having the same series without Jordan getting the Knicks attention, which was the case the next year where Pippen was much worse. This doesn't change what I said.

Originally Posted by havoc33
It is no coincidence that Jordan struggled against that team though. As soon as the Knicks started bulking up after the 91 season, Jordan started having much less success against them. Up until that point, he had dominated them both in the regular season and playoffs. The 92 and 93 version of the Knicks were the only team that could physically stand up to Jordan IMO in all their championship runs. They had (somewhat) athletic guards, and a great, intimidating frontline. Still, the Bulls supporting casts were no slouches either. Pippen, Horace Grant (allstar in 94), BJ Armstrong (also allstar in 94) and Bill Cartwright were quality players, not to mention their specialist crew of Levingston, Scott and Paxson.

Never said that Jordan's cast were slouches. But there's this myth that Ewing's cast was just cause he didn't have someone as good as Pippen, and that same myth is the case with numerous players from that era. While Jordan had the better best teammate, the rest of the Knicks were clearly better. The Bulls had the better #1-2 while the Knicks had the better #3-12.
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