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Default Re: Lebron's better than Kobe?

Originally Posted by masonx20
Lebron stans, it is obvious you're only cheering for your so-called best player in the world when he's winning. Before that you were clearly Lakers and Celtics bandwagons but as of today you claim Lebron is better than Kobe and the best player in the world although he plays with 3 superstars in Wade, Bosh, and Allen.

Your excuse is Kobe also had Gasol, Bynum, and Odom who were "no body" before playing with Kobe but deny the fact that Bosh, Wade, and Allen were franchise players before coming together. So if you would, please answer these following questions so I can be convinced that Lebron is really the best player in the world and better than Kobe.

During the 2010 season the Cavs had the best record in the NBA, with good role players in Jamison, Varejao, Big Z and Mo Williams, plus a superstar in Shaq. These players are as good as the Lakers' if not then better since they got the best season record. As a matter of fact, they swept the Lakers 2-0 during the regular season. But when come playoffs, Lebron and the Cavs got eliminated by the Celtics.

Lebron fans argue Cavs lost because Lebron had bad teammates. Really? If that's the case then how did the Cavs become the team with the best season record? Did Lebron just heroically win all those regular season games by himself? And if that's the case then why couldn't this so-called hero beat the Celtics? What really happened was the Celtics knew Lebron was a passer, so they forced him to play one on one.

What happened when you're considered the best player on the team but can't play one on one with your limited offense while your passes to teammates are eliminated by the Celtics? The pressure is on you and you choke forcing bad shots right? But if you have all star teammates like Wade, Bosh, or Allen when you're being locked down on D you can still pass them the ball and they can score, giving you an assist.

But as leader when you can't score you can't motivate and build confidence in your Cavs teammates but with the Heat it's different yours flaws are hidden while Wade, Bosh, and Allen cover them. In fact, you need your superstar teammates to be the 1st to step up so you can build your confidence. It's a shame how the media/league doesn't talk about this because it would decrease Lebron's fanbase leading to a decrease in sales right?

So let's talk about Kobe. What were the Nuggets doing to him during the 2009 NBA playoffs? The same thing the Celtics did to Lebron in 2010 playoffs. They tried to block passes to Kobe's teammates and have him play isolation ball. He killed the Nuggets with shots from every angle. Gasol wasn't even a factor and was being pushed around by Nene. So what makes Lebron better than Kobe? Someone please convince me.

Didnt read also quit crying and accept it
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