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Default Re: LeBron says Dr J is TOP 3 All Time

Originally Posted by #number6ix#
Different strokes for different folks... Maybe he focused on skill instead of accolades... I never seen dr.j ball outside of a few games so I can't really speak on his game
Actually it might be the opposite. I just showed that Dr. J has top 5 worthy accolades if you factor in the ABA: 4 MVPs and 3 championships. He was also individually dominant and the clear cut best player in his league, but it's the accolades that first make him stand out.

The NBA we have today is the product of a merger between the ABA and the NBA... The Spurs, for example, were an ABA team and yet are seen as one of the greatest NBA franchises of all time. Ever since the merger, when we talk about NBA history, we have to include the ABA as well. That's why players like Artis Gilmore should have been in the HOF sooner.

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