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Default Re: Dwight Howard will dominate 2013-2014 easily.

Originally Posted by Electric Slide
Do people realize that it's possible that Dwight will never regain that explosiveness and athleticism he had in Orlando? It's possible his career is just slowly going downhill like Tmac.

Very pessimistic outlook, but also a very fair point. Morey is a great GM, but I also think he took more of a gamble on Dwight than people realize. Maybe even more than he realizes. I'd love to pin all of the Lakers' woes on Kobe and the two coaching failures, but Dwight really looked vulnerable even when he got healthy later in the season.

Houston two ball dominant Gs like the Lakers (Lin-Harden, Nash-Kobe), a disgruntled Euro forward (Asik-Gasol) and then Parsons mixed in with some questionable talent that had to be sacrificed for cap space, and a coach who likes to up the pace rather than play slow (Mchale, DAntoni). I would not be surprised if a similar recipe in Houston turns up the same warts we saw in the 2012-2013 Lakers.

I believe Houston will be a 50+ winner this year, but they have more questions than people would like to admit.
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