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Default Re: Why is Wade one the best shot blockers....

Originally Posted by SamuraiSWISH
Wade's a great help defender and weak side shot blocker because he's an absolutely LAZY man defender. He sags and helps out real well.

He's essentially the exact opposite of Kobe.

Kobe being a show pony gets up to play man defense against big name players, and he's great at it when he tries. He conserves energy in team defense and rotations. Basically is a lazy team defender.

LeBron is a great rotation defender. He's a decent help defender, but he wreaks havoc in passing lanes. When he tries he's a decent man defender, better than Wade in that regard, worse than Bryant when both are geeked up to play it. He actually usually lets his man beat him and attempts to recover with his length. Also to not draw fouls.

On average LeBron is the most consistent defender of the three. But he isn't as exceptional at any particular aspect as either Wade with weak side help / blocking shots, or Kobe's man defense.

The defensive abilities of the 3 best post MJ perimeter players in a nut shell.

This is actually really accurate. It's funny when people complain about Lebron not fouling but don't watch him actively avoiding fouls, often to the point of him letting people score. It's actually kind of annoying as a Heat fan when you want him to play tougher man D.

Btw Wade when he wanted to be was a nasty man defender, his long arms really help with strips steals and blocks on 1v1s, just lazy or conditioning.
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