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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Cleveland Cavaliers Edition

1. TRUE or FALSE: With the young talent base already on the team, the Cavaliers have the nucleus of a future championship contender.
It's either False or TBD. The key is whether or not Tristan goes from being improved to a stud on the block who is a hard guard.

2. TRUE or FALSE: The Cavaliers should trade Anderson Verajao for younger talents/draft picks.
False. He's a glue guy...leader...winner.

3. CONSPIRACY TRUE or FALSE: Mike Brown was predominantly rehired to help recruit Lebron James.
Doesn't matter. He's coming back. You can book it. He's paving his path already with comments, actions, etc. He's back. That being said...he thinks Mike Brown can flat out coach.

4. TRUE or FALSE: Picking Anthony Bennett first overall was a mistake.
Chris Grant likes surprises, but he did his homework. EVERY draft expert - including the "experts" on here - were all over the board. Grant listened to none of them and selected whom he thought had the biggest upside. This was not a stretch.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Cleveland Cavaliers will make the playoffs this season.
Below .500 but pushing for playoff seed all season long. I think Jack pushes this team more than people realize.


BONUS 1. TRUE or FALSE: Bynum, Verajao, Thompson, Bennett, Clark, Zeller: If healthy, this is the deepest frontcourt in the league.
Has to be close. Which of 6 players mentioned would not start at center for the World Champions?

BONUS 2. TRUE or FALSE: Dion Waiters will develop into a legit 2nd option.
As a scorer, yes. He's the kind of player who will make you say, "He scored how many?" Dude can score, but most often in a consistent, quite mode. 6,4,7,8 in the quarters for 25.
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