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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Charlotte Bobcats Edition

Originally Posted by bagelred
It's August 1st!!! No draft, signings done, no Summer League. Two months of it's time to do some ANALYSIS!!! One team at a time!!!

A brand new series which is not similar to any other sports websites idea....called....... ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS.

So let's go through the league alphabetically, shall we?

Previous teams:

Atlanta Hawks:
Boston Celtics:
Brooklyn Nets:

Today's team?


PG - Walker/Sessions/Pargo
SG - Henderson/Gordon
SF - Kidd-Gilchrist/Taylor
PF - Zeller/McRoberts/Adrien
C - Jefferson/Biyombo/Haywood

Head Coach - Steve Clifford
General Manager - Rich Cho

1. TRUE or FALSE: The Charlotte Bobcats are finally on the right track.

2. TRUE or FALSE: Al Jefferson will step up this season and play like a legitimate franchise player.

3. TRUE or FALSE: In the tradition of Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison, Cody Zeller will be yet another MJ draft bust.

4. Biyombo, Henderson, Kidd-Gilchrist, Taylor, Walker, Zeller: Which of these players should be considered the most "Untouchable"?

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Bobcats have a realistic chance of making the playoffs this season.

You can elaborate on your answers.

Next up: Chicago Bulls. Have a Five Question suggestion for Bulls? Send me a PM with ideas.

Firstly, Kudos to you for coming up with five Bobcat questions.

1) The Right Track may be an overstatement, but at least they're getting better. The time has come for them to make an honest effort, and they at least seem like they'll do that this year. I think Jefferson will be enough of an anchor for them offensively to begin to look like a pro team by year's end.

2) Franchise Player, sort of like The Right Track, is sort of hard to define. I'm fairly certain their aren't as many Franchise Players in the league as their are franchises, so he could be just based on his being the best player on this team. His post game will not only be featured, but relied upon in a way that will make him look like a bigger asset than he really is. Honestly, I look at this signing a little like Nene's re-upping with Denver a few years ago. It's a decent value for a quality player, and on a team this bad, he can overproduce, and maybe they can movie him to another team for a pick or young asset that fits better.

3) I don't see Zeller as nearly the risk those other two guys were. Zeller has a lot of known qualities. He's a great runner. He'll be a good fit for an up tempo team as a four. He's got some face up game, but not enough to really space the floor. So his upside is limited. But he'll play in the league for sure. He isn't what I'da done at four, but he won't be a bust. Certainly not on the Adam Morrison level.

4) I wouldn't call anyone on this roster untouchable. I like some of what Walker does, and he's developed even a little better than I'd expected, but he's not a real PG. And he's probably best suited as a bench sparkplug on a real contender. Henderson is a good player, but guys like him are available every offseason. Biyombo hasn't produced enough to get much back for him, and the upside is still worth chasing.
I really like MKG coming into last year. I had seen him a few times in HS, and was pretty enamoured with him. And then at Kentucky I sort of bought into the fact that he was tough, and a heart and soul type of player, which is all pretty unquantifiable BS. And now that he's gone from an enormous physical advantage to not much of one, I'm not sure what his cieling is. He's got some playmaking tendencies and some ball handling skill. But the jumper is so broken no one will get close enough to him to go by. If he had a truer PG, his cutting and running the court would probably play better.
The guy I really like is Taylor. I really liked what I saw in the summer. He's bigger than most guys of his ilk. And he really is a plus shooter. And his game is more well rounded than most of the other guys cut from that cloth. Put it this way ... he's in my mind a better asset than Jimmy Butler, and everyone fell in love with him this year. But again, three shooting wings are available out there every year.

5) I just don't see them as a playoff team. Those last two spots are wide open in the east. And if a few things go wrong for a couple other teams, I can see them maybe still being alive with a few weeks to go. They're definitely a step ahead of the real dregs, like Orlando and Phili, and probably the Celtics too. But beyond that not much.
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