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Default Re: If LeBron doesn't win another ring...

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
But it wasn't just one playoff run, though. He's been a consistent 26/10/3 thread on really good efficiency. The year he won it all was just the icing in context.

Barkley wasn't a great defender either, infact it was probably no better than Dirk's. Infact, Dirk's defense wasn't a problem in 2011. Malone crumbled a lot more than having great playoff runs. Infact, his efficiency really drops.

I can't wrap my head around it I guess. In my memory they both were ferocious the whole time lol. Could be that I never fully appreciated Dirk though. I was a closet Mavs fan for a few years, but after they beat the Rockets it was all over. I very well could be biased.
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