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Default Re: If LeBron doesn't win another ring...

Originally Posted by Mr Exlax
The thing about it is that he didn't really have to rebound. He didn't really have to play defense. He really didn't have to do anything but score. That's pretty much all. Granted, that was just one playoff run as well. Malone and Barkley did it consistently for years.

But it wasn't just one playoff run, though. He's been a consistent 26/10/3 thread on really good efficiency. The year he won it all was just the icing in context.

Barkley wasn't a great defender either, infact it was probably no better than Dirk's. Infact, Dirk's defense wasn't a problem in 2011. Malone crumbled a lot more than having great playoff runs. Infact, his efficiency really drops.
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