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Default Re: If LeBron doesn't win another ring...

Originally Posted by PickernRoller
I just quoted you saying it was debatable - the suggestion alone is laughable. LoL at that load of crap. Page 109-112. Not sure if serious or retard...
I said the 2010 Celtics vs. the 2013 Spurs and 2012 Thunder was debatable, so what? I didn't say either team was better than the 2010 Celtics. I just wasn't as high on the 2010 Celtics as some people. They sort of limped into the playoffs and got hot and played their best basketball of the season in the Finals. If I'm being honest, I'd pick the Celtics to beat either the 2012 Thunder or the 2013 Spurs in a best-of-seven, but I think both would be a close series.

But apparently you take "debatable" as me definitively saying "2012 Thunder > 2010 Celtics", yet I'm the moron?

The next time you actually engage in any level of semi-intelligent basketball discussion on here will be the first.
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