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Default Re: Kobe's deepest team myth 2008/09 & 2009/10

DMAVs agreed on your overall premise..

But.. I want you to apply that same logic to Michael Jordan.

Did Michael have a better supporting cast than his adversaries?

Who was ewing's second option in the early 90s? John Starks? Ewing had the equivalent of what 2011 Derrick Rose had.. a bunch of defensive role players and one offensive talent except Patrick was the one who made their defense and rebounding elite, on TOP of being the guy they leaned on offensively.

Ewings second option was basically JR Smith.

Charles Barkley? He had the pieces for 1 or 2 years and gave jordan one of his most competitive Finals series. Still never had a second option on Scotties level, nor the coaching, nor the overall teams over a signifigant time span

Hakeem? Not much even has to be said..

Shaq? Had some good talent, but again didnt have near the depth, as good a number two, or coaching to glue it all together.

David Robinson? Again nothing has to be said.

If you switch MJ out to the knicks and make him have to work with John Starks while Ewing gets pippen.. I dont see how the bulls with ewing lose there. Ewing had much less to work with but still led his team to wins and competitive series. You swap pieces and the odds are greatly in his favor.

And overall MJ had the best teams, second option, and coach of ANY other superstar in the 90s... yet no one seems to ever bring it up.

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