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Default Re: Kobe's deepest team myth 2008/09 & 2009/10

One thing though...While Dmavs and KG215 would take any opportunity to knock or discredit Kobe, they atleast do it not in a dumbass trolling way. I don't see those 2 saying dumb shit like "Stacked frontline" or "Frontline carried Kobe" or "Gasol real 2010 finals MVP" like others do...Do I expect them to give Kobe credit for stuff? No, just like I wouldn't go out of my way to credit LeBron...

It is wat it is though, If Kobe plays for the Nuggets, threads would be : "Is Kenyon Martin most underrated super star ever", "Marcus Camby carried Kobe" .."JR Smith true Finals MVP".....And Gasol wouldn't even be getting discussed.

You know how many times I've see "stacked FRONTLINE" posted? Yet facts show that 3 out of 4 of the frontline players Kobe played with has horrible to ok role player numbers? It's just trolling....

This is a haters world ppl, we have to accept it.
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