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Default Re: Kobe's deepest team myth 2008/09 & 2009/10

Originally Posted by rhythmic †hesis
I think from 2008-2010, Kobe beat more 50+ win teams then any player in playoff history. Yet because those teams didn't have a superstar, they weren't contenders according to you.

When did I get owned jackass? I've completely owned you in this post.
Did you not say just yesterday Kobe has the deepest team in the league?

You shit for brains.

Lets pause for a second and stop making shit up.

08 was never part of the conversation. So you can throw all of that out. The Lakers did not win in 08...and I hardly doubt you want to bring up the 08 collapse in the finals as the favorite.

So it's 09 and 10.

Sorry...I don't find the competition to be stiff. I think the Lakers had a very large margin of error. And the reasons are as follows;

- The greatness of Kobe
- Phil Jackson
- Pau Gasol
- Solid supporting cast with a proclivity to making huge shots
- Lack of playing other teams with true superstars like Wade, Lebron, Dirk, and KG (09)
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