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Default Re: If LeBron doesn't win another ring...

Originally Posted by PickernRoller
Actually the converstation was about how Lebron faced better competition in the Finals than Kobe Bryant. Thus Magic and Celtics vs. Spurs and Thunder. Saying that the 12' Thunder or 13' Spurs are debatable as better competition than the 2010 Celtics is boderline moronic. Simple as that. 13 Spurs > 09 Magic - which you debated to no avail too - simply stupid.
No, I didn't. I never said the 12 Thunder > 10 Celtics. I don't believe that now and I didn't believe that then. I do remember saying something along the lines of the Magic being the worst Finals team in a few years, someone said they were the weakest in the last 5 years, and I agreed.

If I were ranking the last 5 teams that lost in the Finals, I'd go:

2011 Heat
2010 Celtics
2013 Spurs/2012 Thunder (think you can basically flip a coin here)
2009 Magic

And if you want to say 2010 Celtics > 2011 Heat, I don't have a problem with that.
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