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Default Re: Kobe's deepest team myth 2008/09 & 2009/10

If you switched melo and kobe out in the 2009 WCF.. Denver wins. Kobe had a monster series on both ends in that series and was by faaar the best player on the court. And denver had a ton of firepower and some good defensive role players. And then they obviously still whoop the magic.

Switch Kobe out for Deron and the Jazz when Carlos Boozer was a legit 20/10 guy, with Paul Millsap, a bunch of great shooters, and AK47 arent just as likely to win?

All of the teams LA faced on their way to the finals, if you took the perimeter star off their team and Kobe off LA, the talent pool was very similar. And Kobe was>>>> than the other teams perimeter star.
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