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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Chicago Bulls Edition

Originally Posted by bagelred
1. TRUE or FALSE: Joakim Noah is more important to the Bulls success than Derrick Rose.

2. TRUE or FALSE: Jimmy Butler is THAT good.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Despite Thibodeau's defensive genius, Bulls need to improve their offensive creativity.

4. AGREE or DISAGREE: More Taj Gibson, Less Carlos Boozer.

5. The one "X Factor" that can catapult the Bulls over the top East competitors is:

You can elaborate on your answers.

Next up: Cleveland Cavaliers. Have a Five Question suggestion for the Cavaliers? Send me a PM with ideas.

1) I'm going to say yes, Noah is more valuable than Rose, but only because of the layout of the depth, and the way the team plays. It's by no means a case that Noah is a better player than Rose in a vacuum. The front line depth on this team is a problem. The Tony Snell pick I understand, because he fits the mold of a Thibs player. He's basically another swing at Jimmy Butler. But when I wrote my mock draft, I had them choosing between Olynek and Dieng (of which I believe I wrote I'd take Olynek for the variation, and thought they'd go Dieng because he so fit their culture). Now I don't recollect off the top of my head how the draft fell, but I know there were lots of bigs, and I thought they'd be chasing one. Injuries or not, this is a team that played Nazr Mohammad significant minutes in the playoffs.
The offense is limited, and they Neeeed Rose more than most good teams need their star to get easy buckets for them, because they don't get them out of scheme. But defensively this team stays in almost every game, giving them a consistent punchers chance, and I think Noah is the keystone to that.

2) Jimmy Butler is THAT good. But I guess it depends on what THAT good means to you. My gut feeling is that these types of players have gone from being underrated, to being a little overrated because a nickname is being bestowed upon them. The 3-D player. Meaning shoot threes and defend. They're not the wings of 10-15 years ago when everyone was looking for extra ballhandling. As PG play has improved in the league, guys who on a playground would be "better players", guys with wider skillsets, have started to slip backwards to guys with more focused skillsets. Just D up, knock down open looks, and run with my guys. Why pay for more than that if you're not going to use it. Snell is certainly being groomed the same way. While Deng, a much more complete player, is almost certainly on his way out the door (albeit mainly for money reasons).

3) I absolutely agree that this team has to become more pliable offensively, and I actually think they will. Part is because they didn't have Rose so long last year, we saw some other options. Butler obviously broke out. Deng had a monster first half of the season. Boozer is limited, but he is a good option offensively on the block. I also am curious to see what they do with Dunleavy, who's not what he was, but does provide some ball handling that may let Rose play without the ball some.

4) I'd love to say yes to more Taj, but unfortunately due to the lack of offensive options on this team, Boozer's post game and mid range jumper are simply too hard to take off the floor. Now he doesn't fit this teams identity, and Taj does, but Taj to me fits better behind both guys. Meaning Less Nazr Mohommad. Which is good.

5) I'm gonna say Deng. It's a contract year, and the guy is almost never 100% by the end of the year. He blew his game out some without Rose around first half last year, and if he can maintain that with Rose around, this team becomes a lot better offensively.
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