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Default Re: LMAO at Kobe not mentioning LeBron

Originally Posted by 9erempiree
Another thing, why do Lebron fans get all upset because he didn't mention Lebron? You assume that's his toughest opponent when it's not. They play different positions and hardly guard one another.

Lebron puts up great numbers but he's not consistent enough to play fierce and intense all game. It's almost like he's a product of the system. Too many flaws in his game to be even mentioned with the greatest players of all time. Anyone on the top 10 list have very few deficiencies and holes in their game.

Shaq and Lebron are the only two I know that relies heavily on strength and athletic ability except Shaq actually has some skills, nifty post moves and great passing.

Nobody is upset... those "stans" are just ironically chuckling considering the circumstances of their head-to-head outcomes in both performances and outcomes of the games.... compared to those other guys he mentioned.... its just funny thats all...
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