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Default Re: LMAO at Kobe not mentioning LeBron

Originally Posted by 9erempiree
You may have just started to watch and follow basketball but everyone that knows anything about basketball, very few on ISH, will tell you that Kobe has the advantage 1 on 1.

Ah mr troll... yea im sure its a great fantasy.... Maybe if Lebron was 6-6 / 200 lbs and that kindof athletic aswell like Kobe.....

But in reality 1on1 is the absolute worst place to play Lebron.... you dont even need any skills whatsoever if you are 60 lbs heavier/stronger, 2-3 inches taller and faster etc..... all you need to know is how to dribble and then you just drive past / overpower your little guy over and over..... and if that guy defends you wont have any advantage either unless you want to shoot.... its not like this is Shaq we are talking about, Lebron will be able to stay with you better you can stay with him.....
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