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Default Re: LMAO at Kobe not mentioning LeBron

Originally Posted by pauk
Im not really sure if you are serious or what agenda you have.... but 6'9-260 with that athleticism and ballhandling........ we see everyday what that does 1on1, the only way you can guard Lebron is if you have 4 other guys behind you ready to trap/shade/double-triple team and force him together to maybe shoot (which he does pretty well) or kickout to an open guy if he doesnt decide to bulldoze through your entire interior defense for and1..... but now you are alone......... and not only that, he will be able to guard YOU much better than you can guard him aswell......

good luck...

You may have just started to watch and follow basketball but everyone that knows anything about basketball, very few on ISH, will tell you that Kobe has the advantage 1 on 1.

We already seen what Kobe did to Lebron in an ASG environment. Where egos are on the line, biggest game of the year of the regular season. Granted the outcome doesn't matter but being called out and schooled like what Kobe did to Lebron is plenty evidence who would win 1 on 1.
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