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Default Re: LMAO at Kobe not mentioning LeBron

Originally Posted by Soundwave
LeBron's one on one moves are pretty mediocre though I gotta say. All-Star game or not, you shouldn't be getting your ass blocked by a guy 3 inches shorter than you when he's barely jumping.

That's just shameful. Kobe would destroy him 1-on-1 I think.

Really doesnt look that way in a non-exhibition game where Lebron usually is less lackadaisical.... to not even give an honorable mention here is just desrespectful, he has never guarded somebody 6'9-260 especially not with that athleticism to boot... any time Kobe has tried to guard Lebron 1on1 he has always either drived past him or overpowered him like a ragdoll... T-Mac, Carmelo, Arenas would only chuck.... and most importantly defensively none of those guys Kobe mentioned gave more problem to him than Lebron....

Overall offensively/defensively i cant think of somebody who gave Kobe more trouble than him.... can you? Well, he played against Jordan partially in the late 90s, but that was it...

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